When should you get your first dog?

There is no right or wrong answer as to when you should get your first dog. However, there are different factors in your life that should influence your decision as a future dog owner.


Remember that a dog is just like another family member. You have to have some kind of free time to be able to properly look after you dog. A set  schedule is better to help you plan out your routine. If you work a full time job, make sure you hire a dog walking service to allow your dog to be outside of the house when you’re at work. Working from home is also a great solution for you can watch over your dog while working.


To get a dog, you need to be financially stable. There is no way around this golden rule. Dogs are an additional expense. Dog food and vet bills are just the surface of what your dog will cost you. Just like humans, emergencies happen for dogs as well and they can be quite costly. Pet sitting will also come into your traveling budget if you like to travel. Additional services such as dog walking can also account for the budget you need take care of your dog. Many people who take on a dog with a stable financial situation end up giving it away to shelters and rescues because of lack of resources.

There are many factors that contribute to when you should get your first dog. Time is crucial to make sure you can give your pooch the right amount of attention. Money is also a deciding factor in the balance to make sure you can give your dog the right amount of care.

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Physically Caring For Your Dog

Similar to toddlers or kids, dog need physical attention to be properly taken care of.  As an owner it is your duty and responsibility to look after your dog whether it is bathing or daily maintenance.


When it comes to bathing your canine companion you should first use the right kind of shampoo. Hypoallergenic, flea, general purpose, medicated, and puppy are all different kind of shampoo you can use for you pooch. Hypoallergenic is for dogs who tend to have frequent allergies or skin problems. Flea and puppy shampoo are self explanatory. General purpose shampoo are generally for low maintenance, short-aired dog. Medicated are often prescribed by vets and are used to treat special fungi or infections. How often should you bathe your pet? The general number is once a month. Bathing your dog too often result in dry skin and itchiness. Not bathing your dog often enough will lead to infections and unwanted diseases. If you dog is prone to dry skin, conditioner or Aloe Vera shampoo, will help keep the skin and hair of your dog moisturized.

Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance on a dog is not complicated. It only involves checking or cleaning your dog’s sensitive body part. Ears are a mush check on a weekly basis especially for dogs will folded ears. Very little air gets in and moisture can accumulate causing infections. Tail pockets are also a weekly checking spot. Similarly to dogs with falling ears, tail pockets are the area just between your dog’s tail and anus. They tend to be dark and trap moisture allowing for infections to grow. Wrinkles in some dog breeds need to be clean almost daily.

Unlike cats that pretty much take care of themselves, dogs need a attention when it comes to maintenance. Monthly bath will prevent skin diseases and infections. A weekly rundown of your dogs ears, tail pocket, and/or wrinkles will also prevent unwanted infections. Help from your vet is always recommended when you are too sure what to do.

Not sure how to bathe your dog? Schedule a dog grooming appointment for your pet: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/dog-grooming

Special Needs Dogs

You might think to yourself that caring for a special needs dog is difficult. Well think again. Training and caring for dogs that have special needs is different but it is not any harder. Like any other dog, special needs dogs need someone who is dedicated and educated. Blind and deaf dogs are no different.

Deaf dogs work similarly than humans who are hard of hearing. They learn with sign language. Most dogs react to their owner’s body language but deaf dogs usually learn commands through hand gestures. Blind dogs are more clumsy because they cannot physically see where they are going. They respond to light touching. Dogs that lose one of their senses usually over develop the four others. Both blind and deaf dogs use their sense of smell to get around.

Dogs that are paralyzed or physically handicapped need a stay at home owner. Just like anyone who need home assistance, these dogs need someone to watch over them almost all the time. Some of them use a cart, which is the doggy version  of a wheel chair, to get around. The cart allows them to run and play like any other dog.  However, too many stairs around the home becomes an issue and that is where the dog will need assistance. Dog carts are available online and can come in different shapes and size to fit all different kind of dogs.


Dogs with special needs are not more difficult to educate. They require more dedication, time, and different methods. They should not, by any means, be overlooked when buying or adopting a dog.

Check this rescue that specializes in bulldogs: https://www.ilenglishbulldogrescue.org/

What Type of Dog Food For Dogs with Sensitive Skin?

As much as we love our dogs, it is common for them to have chronic health problems. Perhaps the most common ones are skin irritation and allergies. Most of the time those kind of issues are due primarily to factors in the environment of the dog. However, buying the right dog food can save you regular trips to the vet. Here are two tips on what do include in your dog’s diet.

No Table Food

Ah yes, no one can really resist the sad, puppy look that our dog gives us when he or she begs for table food. Except that is the worse thing we can do for our dogs. Dogs with sensitive skin, such as Bulldogs or American Staffordshire Terrier, have extreme reactions to table food. The reaction can range from excessive itching to hair loss. Make sure your dog sticks to his bowl.

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Switch To Grain-Free

Unfortunately grain is one of the worst ingredient a company can put inside dog food. The best thing to do is to avoid it all together. Be cautious and double check the list of ingredients on the package to make sure you avoid grain.Be also aware of chicken. Some dogs are good with it but others have negative reaction to chicken and eggs.  A fish-based diet like salmon can be very beneficial. Fish is full of Omega-3 that are naturally good for the skin and body.

The number one rule in dog-food etiquette is absolutely no table food no matter how hard it may seem. Trying different brands and sorts of dog food can make quite a difference in your every day life. We suggest trying new food in small 4 pound bags so you don’t waste money should your dog not like the new brand. And if you really are struggling, suggestions from a certified professional is always a great idea.

Here is a great brand of dog food I use for my Bulldog whom has really sensitive skin: https://www.chewy.com/zignature-trout-salmon-meal-limited/dp/36733

3 Good Reasons Why Dogs Make Great Pets

In the realms of pets, you can choose pretty much any you want: fish, mouse, hamster, rabbit, cat, dog and even plants. They all have their advantage and disadvantage but DoggoOnTheGo knows that dogs are the best and here are three reasons why that is.

They are so friendly

A dog’s behavior is a direct reflection on how it was raised and treated. This means that if you treat your dog well, you will have a friend for life. Dogs are naturally friendly. They have an amazing personality: if you treat them with kindness and love they will show you the same type of affection. And if you live alone, there is nothing like the companionship of a dog to make you feel like you have your own family.

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They are so expressive

Just like somebody that talks a lot or that has an outgoing personality, dogs express a lot of their emotions. They will always show you how they are feeling. When you come home to your dog, no matter what mood you’re in, they are the happiest dog in the world at that very moment. Try pronouncing the words ‘Let’s go for a walk’ and even the loudest snoring dog will jump with happiness with its tail wagging.

They always want to be around you

Dogs are perhaps the most loyal pet you can find in the animal kingdom. They are naturally curious and always want to know what you’re doing and  of course if they can in the process. They are pack animals, and although they may not want to be sitting directly in your lap, they always have to be within a couple feet of you.

So dogs are pretty much big babies that constantly need attention. They have the sweetest soul if you show them what love is. They will always be beside you no matter what you decide to do with your life because they are your best friend.

Dog Park Etiquette

To a dog owner, there is nothing more annoying than another dog owner who fails at controlling their own dog at the park. Here you are, trying your best to give your pooch a good time after a long day at work and here comes the dog you wish would have stayed home today. Ever considered you’re that person? Well, here are some simple tips for your dog to be on his or her best behavior while at the dog park.

Teach Your Dog How To Socialize

Like a person that knows how to behave a public, a dog must also know how to socialize properly. Introduce your dog to a single dog at a time outside the park before letting him or her loose with a bunch of different dogs. You will better anticipate your dog’s reaction and know which situation to avoid.

Forbid Humping

While this may seem like it’s only a concern for male dogs, humping is a problem with both genders. Nothing more annoying (and awkward) than your dog trying to hump another dog. Usually a sign of dominance, humping can also be caused by sexual drive. In that case get your dog fixed. Every time your dog tries to hump put him or her in time out. Humping means play time is over. No humping means play time resumes.

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No Jumping

Needless to say, a 60 pound boxer, that you don’t know jumping, on you can be quite intimidating. Furthermore, dog parks can get muddy after a weekend of down pour rain. Dogs jumping on people is rude and can easily kill the mood for other owners. Teach your dogs not to jump on people before you let him or her of the leash in a public setting.

Dog parks are meant for fun not irritation. So teach your dog some good manners before taking him or her to the park. You don’t want to be the debbie-downer when you pass the gate. Who knows you might end up making some good friends along the way.

List of Dog Breeds that Live well in Apartments

Just because you live downtown in a one-bedroom apartment does not mean you can not own a dog. Here is a list of five dogs that do well in apartments.

  1. English Bulldog

With males being to 55 lbs, the Bulldog is considered to be a rather large dog. But do not be fooled, these gentle beasts are the complete opposite of energetic. Their favorite activity  is probably to nap or to cuddle with you on the couch. The Bulldog is at its happiest when it is surrounded by its owner and family. They have a limited amount of energy and do tend to be smart but lazy.

2. Welsh Corgi

The famous dogs of the queen of England is no higher than 10 to 12 in tall. Along with being fluffy and great guard dogs, they are small and can fit in small places. They are very loyal to their owners. The Corgi does remain a shepherd dog and requires a daily amount of exercise to keep him or her stimulated.

3. Miniature Poodle

The miniature poodle is a terrific family dog. They love to play and to keep you company. The particularity of this dog is its coat. A poodle does not lose his hair which makes him hypoallergenic dog. This is great for someone who is allergic but still wants a companion.

4. Basset Hound

The Basset stand 14 in tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 65 lbs. Originally bred as a hunting dog, today the Basset Hound is loyal and laid back. He is great with children and also great with other dogs. Because they tend to follow their hunting instinct, Bassets should never be left by themselves outside.

So owning a dog and living in an apartment is totally doable.  Any kind of dog can live in an apartment given they haveDogwalking 4 the right amount of exercise. Some breeds are just more practical than others.

Digging in the Archives – Sneeze Page

I have written many articles to provide valuable information for this blog. So in case you are just joining us here is a list of the most important ones:

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This is by far the most important one you can find on the blog. It is a brief description of who I am. It also describes my experience with dogs along with my personality. As a reader you will get to know more about me and my knowledge.

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This post goes into further detail about what I believe dog walking is and what it should be. It describes Doggo On The Go and how as a business we go about getting to know you dog. This post also describes how we establish an appropriate and personalized routine that fits for both you and your dog.

Dogs Misbehaving with People at the Door

This is not a blog post but rather an article. It is an explanation about negative reaction coming from the dog when guests are over at your house. It goes into further details as to why dogs behave and react the way they do. More importantly this article explains how to remedy and fix those negative behaviors.

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This probably one of my favorite posts. I constantly hear people say that their dog does not need to go for walk. This post provides an explanation as to why that statement is a pure myth. After reading this post you will be instantly motivated to get up and take your own pooch out on a walk.Dogwalking 4



Most popular dogs and why we like them – Link Post

Why do we, as dog owners, choose the dogs we do? Whether it is showing up at a shelter or going to a breed specific breeder, there is always a method and logic to choosing a dog.

Family Friendly

Probably the most popular criteria when it comes to choosing a dog is its friendliness. No one wants a dog that is not friendly or anti-social. Some example of friendly dogs are bulldogs, poodles and Labradors. They are known to be the average family dog that play well with the kids and are close to the parents.

Energy or Working Dogs

High energy dogs, like the German Shepherd, are also very popular. These type of dogs are working dogs and they were bred for a specific job. Many farmers and hunters look for a shepherd or hunting dog. A type of dog  that has instinct and a purpose other than being a pet. The Australian Shepherd is high sought out among farmers. Any sort of hound dog, terrier or pointer are commonly used by hunters to help during hunting season. An active household that enjoys hikes and the outdoor will also seek out an energetic dog breed such as the boxer.

Living Environment

Finally, many future pet owners settle on a dog that fit their environment and lifestyle. Although not impossible, a Great Dane or Saint Bernard is perhaps not the best suited for life in an apartment or townhouse. Smaller dogs for this kind of living conditions are usually most suitable.

Below is a link showing the most popular dog breeds  as of 2016 and why people like them:


Dogwalking 4

Fidose of Reality – A Great Read and Resource

As a dog walking service Doggo On The Go looks out for the well being of dogs and pets in general. This well being also goes through educating pet owners and helping them be the best they can be for their dog.

Blog Content

Today we take a look at the blog Fidose of Reality by Carol Bryant. This is a blog entirely dedicated to dogs with a focus on Cocker Spaniels. The blog contains different menus about both physical and mental health of a dog. The blog also contains a section on products that can be found in the every day life of dog, whether they range from necessity to luxury items. This blog also contains a section called WiggleButt Warrior. This section is dedicated to raise money for homeless dogs. Some are even featured on the blog to promote their adoption.

As a Reader

As a reader and/or dog owner one can find interesting and useful articles on the blog. You can also subscribe to their newspaper to keep updated on the websites events and new blog post. You can also buy some trinkets and shirt to help finance the activity of the blog. As a dog owner you can also participate in contests to win giveaways. The most recent ones were themed on valentine’s day and the winter games.

About the Author

Carol Bryant is the author of the blog. She is a writer and social media strategist for BlogPaws and is always looking to improve the world of dogs. She describes herself as an absolute dog lover and owns several dogs herself. For more details about Carol, please visit her LinkedIn profile:


Fidose of Reality:  https://fidoseofreality.com/


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