The new age of technology is quite amazing and convenient. Ask your phone what the weathers going to look like tomorrow and it’ll answer. Google every ingredient in the dipping sauce you bought from wal-mart,  you have it at your fingertips in seconds. Get in an argument about where you should go for a bit to eat with your girlfriend, yelp it. In our fortunate age of technology we have the ability to look up any place that offers a service immediately on our phones to attract our business or keep us far away. Yelp, an online review website of Yelp_Logobusinesses, lets anyone critique and offer suggestions to future customers of a particular business

Easy to use and simple to read, Yelp offers users a chance to rate/review and also read others opinions on a set business. This is very helpful for multiple reasons. From personal experience of having used it, it can be the difference between a total successful of an experience at a restaurant or a complete and utter travesty. Once logged on you can type in any local business you would like and see the past customer reviews and the ratings. Feel like going to Outback Steakhouse over Biaggi’s? Yelp will help you compare the two side by side including the menus to see exactly what your in the mood for.

Yelp has been gaining exposure and business owners are worried about it. I know from the company i worked for we were held to a standard based on our yelp score. If somebody gets a complaint specifically about them in our restaurant on Yelp we would be written up and had to go through certain training spending on the severity of the complaint. Owners are worried because it is literally the difference between getting business or business running away from the establishment. This works specifically well with food because nobody likes bad service. Say you had a bad experience with a server or the food was so bad you wanted to let the next person know so they don’t have to go through the same thing you had just gone through. In a few seconds you can make all the difference.

Its much like the service rate my professor. Students rate their previous professor for future students who maybe eligible to take them in the future. Everything from class meetings to what exams will look like are covered on the website. This can be the difference between a student getting an A in one class or completely bombing the class.

Yelp has hit it big over the past 5 years to the point where companies require some customers to give a good Yelp review in order to gain some sort of perks. This is good for two reasons. Firstly, quality of business will be increasing. With the threat of not having business because of the growing popularity of the app looming, businesses are pressing hard on customers giving strong feedback. They don’t want to gain anymore negative feedback so they make sure their employees and operations are running at full potential to give the best quality of their product, tangible or intangible, to their guests. Secondly, by reading the comments and feedback they have been able to iron out the wrinkles they have in their systems to make sure no other guest will have that one bad experience. You have an undercooked steak one too many times at your favorite restaurant? Yelp it and make it public so anyone can see it and hopefully they not have to go through the same thing and go to the next place.

The beauty behind this is the fact that anyone can become a critic. Giving regular everyday people a platform like this is resulting in better quality of service for customers everywhere. Now that this online mini critic empire is starting to emerge you will not see companies trying to sweep certain instances under the rug and have people not bad mouth their company. This is scary for owners, back in the day word-of-mouth would be the only way somebody can recommend not going to repair shop A because they cost more than repair shop B and do half the work. The fact that this is public now almost forces the service industry to rethink their strategy of business. The service industry now has to deal with the online threat of reviews that virtually anybody can look up who has any sort of nine device.


Unfortunately though when you give the world a platform like this customers actually think they are a 5 star critic. Knowingly of having the power of downgrading a business will have people power hungry to the point where if the littlest thing rubs them the wrong way they can post a novel about how not to go to restaurant A because the steak was cooke medium rare not medium. With this type of platform people will become more power hungry than usual.

Being able to review anything from a dog walker to a plumber and having the pages appear at the top of a Google search engine is powerful. Yelp has a customer review rating app of a 4.5/5 stars and plans to continue their partnership with Google. The new component of Yelp is based on your location and could automatically give you directions to the place you desire in seconds.

With the online review wave coming Yelp should be worrisome about the future. Although the partnership with Google will have its innovative advantages it needs to stay fresh and up with the trends of its customers to continue to be convenient and helpful for an everyday person whose deciding on what to go eat with their significant other. For business owners it is inevitable to come in contact with an irritated customer but there are ways around this and we slowly will see companies be improving quality of their services for the good of their customers. So before you feel like going to that diner you’ve never been to down the street make sure you check the reviews and you may be saving yourself a bad experience.