Welcome To The Challenge!


Jim Jones, Director of the Katie School

Hello, my name is Jim Jones.

As the Executive Director of the Katie School of Insurance at Illinois State University, it is my pleasure to welcome you to campus, and congratulations on being selected to the Redbird Risk Management Challenge! Dr. Kevin Ahlgrim and I will be guiding you through many many challenging activities, all involving you having to identify and manage risk. You will also have lots of fun working with talented students from around the country. 

During the week, you will operate in teams running a business. Your business will have a number of chances to generate revenue. Your team will also manage certain risks for your business. Your ability to manage these risks will affect your success as much as your ability to earn revenue. This is a competitive program, and we will have many small competitions within the game as well. The top two winning teams will receive prizes. Play fair, respect your teammates and competitors, and have fun.