14 Tips for Quick Fix!

  • Identify the issue with your device
  • Locate your nearest Quick Fix location
  • Contact the nearest Quick Fix location
  • While we won’t be able to inspect the device in person, giving our experts a detailed description of your issue will certainly help us prepare.
  • Figure out whether you can bring in your device, or if you need us to come to you!
  • Let us know what time we can expect your device to be brought in, or what time you need us to be there.
  • When preparing your device to be brought in, make sure it is powered off and free of any accessories (laptop cases, phone cases, screen protectors).
  • When you arrive at our shop, our front-counter techs will thoroughly analyze the device. Based on their inspection, they will provide you with information such as a cost and time estimate.
  • Depending on the time required for repair, sit back and relax or come back when we are finished!
  • Our techs will contact you as soon as the device is ready to be picked up.
  • When preparing for our arrival, pleasure also ensure your device is powered off and is free of any accessories (listed above).
  • When preparing for our arrival, please provide us with any further information that may help us find you easier (suite #, apartment complex)
  • When our tech arrives he will inspect your device and provide a cost and time estimate.
  • Based on the circumstances, they tech will then complete repairs then and there or take the device out to the mobile shop.

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