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One of our more successful posts has been our 14 tips for Quick Fix users. In that post we cover a variety of topics ranging from initially identifying the problem with your device, to what you can expect when you drop off your device or have a tech come to you. We thought adding some simple tips on how to use our service will make the customer that much more comfortable in the process. While you don’t need this tips to effectively use our services, they certainly can help the process go along much smoother. Not only do these tips aid the customer in their experience with us, but it also helps us out tremendously. Since we are all about finding a solution for our customers as quick as we can, having customers that know what to expect can definitely speed up our processes. This ensures that we are able to service as many customers as possible, so nobody has a device that we are unable to attend to. Unfortunately while we may not be able to get to your device as fast as you would like us to, we take all of the steps we can in order to reach as many devices as we can. So if you haven’t yet, take a look at our 14 Tips for Quick Fix! The link for this post can be found here…

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