How Good is the Otterbox Defender?

Just about any smartphone case will protect against everyday bumps and scratches, but what about more serious hazards? That’s where the Otterbox Defender Series case comes in. Otterbox has a strong reputation for creating rugged, durable cases for mobile devices and has become synonymous with superior protection for your electronics in tough conditions. The Defender Series case has several layers of protection for your iPhone. At its core, your phone will be seated in a hard poly-carbonate plastic shell that envelops the entire phone and features a raised lip around the screen to keep the display off surfaces when placed face down. This shell has a built-in screen protector that prevents scratches and smudges on your glass display while preserving all its touch capabilities including 3D Touch. There’s a thin protective film over the fingerprint sensor that still allows it to read your prints. The entire shell slips into a thick rubber skin that wraps around the phone’s sides and back to absorb shock from drops, particularly at the corners, keeping your phone crack and damage free. The outer skin also closes out dust and dirt from your ports and buttons, though they remain accessible through rubber doors. The case fits neatly and securely into the included belt clip holster that swivels for portrait or landscape orientation and provides quick access to your phone while on the go.

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