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What exactly is Quick Fix?

Quick Fix Technology Repairs is a fast and affordable solution to a variety of technology issues. Some of our services include PC repair and maintenance, laptop repair and cell phone screen and battery replacement. Not only do we provide extremely quick and reliable service, but we also take pride in our low prices for customers.

Who can use Quick Fix Technology Repairs?

A very simple answer to that question…anyone! Although we do specialize in operations within or near college campuses across the nation, our services are open to anybody that has a problem we can solve. Whether you have a problem with your PC, laptop, or cell phone, we may have just the solution for you.

More About Quick Fix!

Diving a little deeper into the services we provide, we consider ourselves experts in several types of technology. Laptops are certainly the devices we come into contact with the most. Since we are extremely active within college campuses, students are constantly approaching us with issues with their laptops. Not only can we fix the hardware of laptops and computers such as screen or keyboard repair but also software malfunctions. We know how scary any problem that occurs can be, especially in regards to technology needed for school. This means that we attempt to hold a wide range of knowledge about a variety of issues with computers.

5 Tips for Quick Fix!

  • Identify the issue with your device
  • Locate your nearest Quick Fix location
  • Contact the nearest Quick Fix location
  • While we won’t be able to inspect the device in person, giving our experts a detailed description of your issue will certainly help us prepare.
  • Figure out whether you can bring in your device, or if you need us to come to you!

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