How to Choose an Online Backup Service

If you’ve ever suffered computer failure and lost valuable data, photos, videos, or music, then you know the importance of data backup. While you certainly have the option of copying your data to a disk—which is certainly better than no backup at all—a growing number of individuals and businesses are opting to sign-up with an online backup service. These services automatically backup your data using your internet connection, and will continuously save new data as its being created. But, with so many online data backup services now available, how does one know which to choose? Are they all work pretty much the same? Do they all offer the same features? While no one can say which service is right for you, here is a comparison of two of the most popular online backup services currently available.

SugarSync Online Backup

SugarSync is an online service that allows you to store, share, and synchronize your files online. Supporting both Windows and Mac, you can access your files wherever you are, even via mobile devices such as your Smartphone or iPad. SugarSync is easy to use, frees you from needing thumb drives, and also allows you to share files with co-workers, family, and friends.

Mozy Online Backup

Mozy has both a local and an online backup built-in to their client software. This means that if you lose your data, you can most likely recover it from your local HDD backup if it hasn’t already been backed up to the online server. One of the more popular online backup services, this easy to use and data-secure service lets you backup your files through the internet, supports both Windows and Mac, and their cloud services allow you to backup data continuously, manually, or on a schedule that you set. Additionally, Mozy has multiple levels of security and redundancy to ensure your files are backed-up and secure on the servers in their data center.

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