About Us

Quick Fix Technology Repairs was originally created as a tech team that was based on a college campuses. We have an office for students to bring their many technological issues. While they can bring in their devices that need repair or maintenance, we also specialize in mobile tech support. This means that we have experts that are able to go help students without them having to come to us. Today, we aren’t simply servicing students on college campuses, but anyone who has an issue that we can solve. From PCs to laptops and cells, we possess the skills to meet a variety of needs for our customers. Whether you’re in an emergency situation or just do not have a way of transportation, Quick Fix can come to you in no-time. In fact, your device doesn’t even have to leave your home. Our team is equipped with the very best tools and parts that they can often do the repair right there. In some extreme cases, we may need to bring the device out to our vehicle where we also have a complete workshop. Another aspect we are adamant about is our fair prices. Since college students are our main users, we realize that cost is an issue sometimes. While also providing optimum quality of service and parts, we charge the lowest possible prices that we can. We hope this allows for our support to be able to reach a wider range of customers. To contact us, please email quickfixtechrepairs@gmail.com…


Zack McGaha