Is the iPhone X Worth the Price?

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, Apple unveiled its newest iPhones on September 12, 2017, at an event in Cupertino, California. In addition to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple also unveiled its first ever premium tier smartphone – the iPhone X. While the iPhone X is undeniably amazing, many are asking, “Is it really worth the $999 price tag?”

Why is the iPhone X So Darn Expensive?

The iPhone X is jam-packed with new technologies and amazing features, but it comes at a price. Peruse the following features and decide for yourself whether or not this new device is worth the cost.

A11 Bionic Chip

The device comes equipped with Apple’s fastest processor yet – the A11 Bionic chip. Six central processing units (CPUs) make up the chip’s four efficiency cores and two performance cores.  The tech giant claims that the efficiency cores run up to 70 perfect faster than the previous processor, the A10 Fusion. The performance cores run up to 25 percent faster

Face ID

Apple’s new “Face ID” feature replaces the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone X. Using a dot projector, infrared camera, and flood illuminator, the TrueDepth camera instantly recognizes the user’s face when he or she looks at the device. Face ID will not only be used to unlock the phone at a glance, but also to use Apple Pay.

12MP Wide-Angle Camera

One huge selling point for the iPhone X is the stunning camera. The device enables users to act as professional photographers with 12 MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras.

Edge to Edge Screen

The elimination of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner encouraged Apple to remove the home button from the iPhone X entirely.  With the home button omitted, Apple was able to revolutionize the iPhone by designing a device with an edge to edge Super Retina HD display. The 5.8-inch screen also offers True Tone and OLED Multi-Touch display.

Who Should I Buy the iPhone X?

Ultimately, true Apple fanatics are willing to break the bank to get their hands on any new Apple technology. But what about the users who are simply trying to determine whether this phone is right for them? If you’re someone who takes a lot of pictures, or someone who likes to keep up with emerging technology, you need the iPhone X! Although it this device comes with a hefty price tag, the camera specs, biometric technology, and stunning edge to edge display are worth it. 

How to Choose an Online Backup Service

If you’ve ever suffered computer failure and lost valuable data, photos, videos, or music, then you know the importance of data backup. While you certainly have the option of copying your data to a disk—which is certainly better than no backup at all—a growing number of individuals and businesses are opting to sign-up with an online backup service. These services automatically backup your data using your internet connection, and will continuously save new data as its being created. But, with so many online data backup services now available, how does one know which to choose? Are they all work pretty much the same? Do they all offer the same features? While no one can say which service is right for you, here is a comparison of two of the most popular online backup services currently available.

SugarSync Online Backup

SugarSync is an online service that allows you to store, share, and synchronize your files online. Supporting both Windows and Mac, you can access your files wherever you are, even via mobile devices such as your Smartphone or iPad. SugarSync is easy to use, frees you from needing thumb drives, and also allows you to share files with co-workers, family, and friends.

Mozy Online Backup

Mozy has both a local and an online backup built-in to their client software. This means that if you lose your data, you can most likely recover it from your local HDD backup if it hasn’t already been backed up to the online server. One of the more popular online backup services, this easy to use and data-secure service lets you backup your files through the internet, supports both Windows and Mac, and their cloud services allow you to backup data continuously, manually, or on a schedule that you set. Additionally, Mozy has multiple levels of security and redundancy to ensure your files are backed-up and secure on the servers in their data center.

Tech Support Scams

Some scammers call and claim to be computer techs associated with well-known companies like Microsoft or Apple. Other scammers send pop-up messages that warn about computer problems. They say they’ve detected viruses or other malware on your computer. They claim to be “tech support” and will ask you to give them remote access to your computer. Eventually, they’ll diagnose a non-existent problem and ask you to pay for unnecessary or sometimes even harmful services. If you get an unexpected pop-up, call, spam email or other urgent message about problems with your computer, stop. Don’t click on any links, don’t give control of your computer and don’t send any money. If you get an unexpected or urgent call from someone who claims to be tech support, hang up. It’s not a real call. And don’t rely on caller ID to prove who a caller is. Criminals can make caller ID seem like they’re calling from a legitimate company or a local number. If you get a pop-up message that tells you to call tech support, ignore it. There are legitimate pop-ups from your security software to do things like update your operating system. But do not call a number that pops up on your screen in a warning about a computer problem. If you’re concerned about your computer, call your security software company directly but don’t use the phone number in the pop-up or on caller ID. Instead, look for the company’s contact information online, or on a software package or your receipt. Never share passwords or give control of your computer to anyone who contacts you.

How to keep your technology safe in the winter

The cold isn’t just hard on your car, it’s also hard on what you keep in it. Laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other hand-held devices are especially vulnerable to damage from the cold. Don’t risk it! Be prepared. Here are some tips that tech experts recommend for keeping your technology safe:

  1. Keep your technology out of the trunk! Just a few hours in the trunk can do damage. Not only the trunk, but any part of the car can get very cold. Bring your devices inside.
  2. If you’re headed into the cold, bundle up your devices, just like you would bundle up your children. Keep your gadgets covered, so any residual heat will lessen the effects of the cold. Protective cases can also help prevent against extreme temperatures.
  3. Don’t forget to turn off your devices! Be sure to power down all the way – not just to sleep mode. This will ensure that your data is safe. This will also help save battery life.
  4. When you go inside, let your laptop or phone warm up before you boot up! Your devices should be at room temperature before you turn them on, to keep damaging condensation away.
  5. The cold drains your batteries faster, so keep a charger on-hand and keep your batteries charged regularly. Portable chargers can become very useful in these cases.
  6. Freezing temperatures can make screens on your phone, computer, or tablet more likely to break, so keep them in protective cases. Consider carrying devices in safe places.

Some great apps to help with those holiday treats!

Check out some of these free apps that may be extra useful during this time of year!


Make logging your daily diet easy with this app’s database of more than 6 million foods, nutrition information from more than half a million restaurants. You can scan bar codes with your phone’s camera to download data directly into your food. The app remembers your most frequent foods for easy logging, and a recipe feature lets you enter all the ingredients in a dish to calculate how healthy it is. You’ll get a breakdown of how much protein, carbs, and fat you’re eating. Sync up your activity tracker, and the app will suggest how many calories you can eat based on whether you want to gain, maintain, or lose weight over whatever period of time you specify.


The name is short for “simply work it,” and it wastes no time getting you to do just that. Pick cardio, strength, yoga, or stretching workouts, and how much time you have (five minutes to an hour), and Sworkit walks you through the session with videos and guided voice cues.

Workout Trainer

This app offers users thousands of free workouts complete with timed step-by-step audio and video instructions to help you get into shape. Whether you’re looking to sculpt six-pack abs or improve your conditioning for that next race, Workout Trainer has a routine just for you. In addition to the built-in workouts, users can access the app’s library to build their own custom routines and share them online, as well as try out routines shared by the community.

All Day

Adidas’s new fitness app for iOS, and it’s designed not just for workouts, but for encouraging a full-spectrum fitness lifestyle. A variety of workouts are available from yoga routines to strength training plans, while nutrition tips and recipes encourage healthy eating and hydration. In addition, All Day encourages mental wellness with mindfulness exercises and guided meditations, rounding things off with sleep aiding techniques and curated playlists that help encourage a good night’s rest.


Tips to be cyber-safe this holiday season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may mark the high points of the holiday shopping season, but they are by no means the end of it.  At this time of year with everyone searching for value, consumers will encounter technology deals that might seem too good to be true. Online shopping may well top $1 billion dollars on a single day this year.  With more and more consumers willing to spend money online, sales will rise, but so will the risk of exposure to some sort of scam or cyber-crime right alongside those fabulous deals. So how can you avoid being taken advantage of? There are many ways to keep yourself, your privacy, and your money safe this holiday season.  But, as the countdown to Christmas grows shorter, many of us abandon our common sense in the desperate pursuit of that one great gift or that one fantastic deal. The number one way to guard against online scams is to employ some common sense. While many of the deals offered on such sites are perfectly legitimate, the likelihood of stumbling into a scam is far greater on these sorts of sites.

Tip #1 : If a deal seems too greatit probably is, especially if it’s from an individual user or a minor’ retailer.  Be suspicious of any deal or sale that you can’t believe is real.  Maybe you’ve found the best buy of the season, but it’s more likely that you’ve stumbled into a scam set up to defraud you and steal your money or information.

Tip #2: Do some research about any online vendor you’re considering making a purchase from.  Some vendors believe quality customer service goes hand in hand with turning a profit.  Others however seem to value their bottom line over the satisfaction of their customers.

Tip #3: For the online shopper: understand your credit cards. Some attackers were able to take advantage of customers because of the rules set up by the credit cards those customers use. With credit card purchases being the dominant form of online shopping, it’s vital that consumers know the policies of the cards they use and what recourse they have should those policies be abused.

Tip #4: Consumers would also be wise to investigate other forms of payment, such as PayPal or Bill Me Later, a PayPal service.  While alternative methods may not offer the convenience of credit cards, they may provide more security against potential scams and those who know how to abuse the system.

Tip #5: Be cautious.  The Internet can be a dangerous place at the best of times.  During the often stressful and expensive holiday season the dangers increase exponentially. Be wary every time you shop online and help to make sure this time remains a time of giving, and not of taking.

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What exactly is Quick Fix?

Quick Fix Technology Repairs is a fast and affordable solution to a variety of technology issues. Some of our services include PC repair and maintenance, laptop repair and cell phone screen and battery replacement. Not only do we provide extremely quick and reliable service, but we also take pride in our low prices for customers.

Who can use Quick Fix Technology Repairs?

A very simple answer to that question…anyone! Although we do specialize in operations within or near college campuses across the nation, our services are open to anybody that has a problem we can solve. Whether you have a problem with your PC, laptop, or cell phone, we may have just the solution for you.

More About Quick Fix!

Diving a little deeper into the services we provide, we consider ourselves experts in several types of technology. Laptops are certainly the devices we come into contact with the most. Since we are extremely active within college campuses, students are constantly approaching us with issues with their laptops. Not only can we fix the hardware of laptops and computers such as screen or keyboard repair but also software malfunctions. We know how scary any problem that occurs can be, especially in regards to technology needed for school. This means that we attempt to hold a wide range of knowledge about a variety of issues with computers.

5 Tips for Quick Fix!

  • Identify the issue with your device
  • Locate your nearest Quick Fix location
  • Contact the nearest Quick Fix location
  • While we won’t be able to inspect the device in person, giving our experts a detailed description of your issue will certainly help us prepare.
  • Figure out whether you can bring in your device, or if you need us to come to you!

Need a Recommendation on a Screen Protector?

This silky-smooth screen protector is made of tempered glass that has a hardness level of 9H, which makes it one of the hardest screen protectors available. Additionally, it’s 0.4mm thick. Sir Lancelot’s Armor combines this innovative material with new manufacturing process to insure the easiest installation on the market!  Using a reusable high strength adhesive only on the edges of the protector allows for easy placement. The adhesive is only under the color portion of the protector, leaving you without any bubbles on your screen. You’ll be impressed with how nice this screen protector feels under your fingers. Although this screen protector can still be scratched, it will do an excellent job at protecting the iPhone screen underneath. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so that if something happens to your iPhone screen protector, whether it is scratched, shatters or has other problems,you receive your money back. There’s also a lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defects. Here at Quick Fix, we spent some of our time testing and trying a variety of protective products for mobile devices. Our experience with Sir Lancelot’s Armor was certainly the most memorable. The screen protector lasted through many strenuous tests that many others did not. For these reasons, we like to recommend this screen protector to customers after they get their device freshly repaired.

How Good is the Otterbox Defender?

Just about any smartphone case will protect against everyday bumps and scratches, but what about more serious hazards? That’s where the Otterbox Defender Series case comes in. Otterbox has a strong reputation for creating rugged, durable cases for mobile devices and has become synonymous with superior protection for your electronics in tough conditions. The Defender Series case has several layers of protection for your iPhone. At its core, your phone will be seated in a hard poly-carbonate plastic shell that envelops the entire phone and features a raised lip around the screen to keep the display off surfaces when placed face down. This shell has a built-in screen protector that prevents scratches and smudges on your glass display while preserving all its touch capabilities including 3D Touch. There’s a thin protective film over the fingerprint sensor that still allows it to read your prints. The entire shell slips into a thick rubber skin that wraps around the phone’s sides and back to absorb shock from drops, particularly at the corners, keeping your phone crack and damage free. The outer skin also closes out dust and dirt from your ports and buttons, though they remain accessible through rubber doors. The case fits neatly and securely into the included belt clip holster that swivels for portrait or landscape orientation and provides quick access to your phone while on the go.

Have you tried an Otterbox before? Tell us your experience! 

Check Out Our Tips!

One of our more successful posts has been our 14 tips for Quick Fix users. In that post we cover a variety of topics ranging from initially identifying the problem with your device, to what you can expect when you drop off your device or have a tech come to you. We thought adding some simple tips on how to use our service will make the customer that much more comfortable in the process. While you don’t need this tips to effectively use our services, they certainly can help the process go along much smoother. Not only do these tips aid the customer in their experience with us, but it also helps us out tremendously. Since we are all about finding a solution for our customers as quick as we can, having customers that know what to expect can definitely speed up our processes. This ensures that we are able to service as many customers as possible, so nobody has a device that we are unable to attend to. Unfortunately while we may not be able to get to your device as fast as you would like us to, we take all of the steps we can in order to reach as many devices as we can. So if you haven’t yet, take a look at our 14 Tips for Quick Fix! The link for this post can be found here…