How to Use Our Services

While we never wish for problems to occur with your technology, we do understand that it does happens inevitably. Even when searching for and purchasing the most expensive and high quality technology on the market, a variety of accidents, malfunctions, or issues of any kind can still very much occur. We also understand that a lot of issues with technology happen at very unfortunate times. Having your technology go down in a time of need is not only extremely frustrating, but can also be extremely critical in regards to getting your work done. However, that is exactly where we come in. We try to be as quick and responsive as possible with our repair services in those stressful situations. For these reasons, we have a number of techs that are always ready to be dispatched at a moments notice. We also have many experts at our office ready for any difficult problem that may walk in. Here are some instructions on how to use our services and also how to utilize them to their full potential:

Identifying the problem with your device

After a problem occurs with your device, this is the first step in the process to a solution. Being able to identify what your problem is can definitely help us with preparing the tech with information and improving the speed at which we can service your device. Whether you cracked your phone screen, dropped your laptop, or just can’t get your PC to boot-up, providing us with as detailed of a description of the issue as possible is really helpful to us. If you aren’t sure exactly what is wrong with your product, there is no need to worry. Simply giving us an explanation of the issue you are having will help our tech prepare for the repair. Finally, decide if you would like to utilize our mobile services, or if you would prefer to bring in the device to our shop.

Getting in-touch with us

The next step in the recovery process would be to do some research on Quick Fix locations near you. Once you have found the closest one or the location of your liking, give us a call! We have many techs at the ready that are dedicated to providing the best over-the-phone services. This is the part where you will identify your problem to the tech (please refer to the previous step). Then you will provide information on when you need the service as well as if you are coming to us or we are coming to you! We will set up an appropriate appointment time accordingly. We also accept walk-in customers, so there is actually no need to make an appointment, but they do ensure that we have a tech ready specifically for device at the time of your arrival.

Preparing your device

Getting your device ready for us to service is also important. If it is your phone we are fixing, pleasure ensure that it is removed from any case it may be in or any screen protector that might be on it. If it is your laptop we are servicing, please make sure that it is removed from any case it may be in, charging cords and accessories are not needed to be brought in. Also ensure that all ports are free. If we are servicing your PC, please free it from all cords and accessories as well as ensuring all ports are empty. All of these steps will ensure that are services can go as quick and efficiently as we like them to.

The repair

When arriving at our shop, please bring your device right in! We have a front desk ready to greet and service customers right away. From here please let us know if you have an appointment or need a walk-in repair. From here, we will have a tech review your device and the issue that is occurring. This is when we will able to determine how long the repair will take. We will also be able to give a cost estimate of what the repair will be. Based on this, you will know when to come pick up your device. We will get your contact information in case of any questions or if your repair is done at a sooner time. If we are arriving at your home, business, or school, we will come to you. Our tech can often do repairs right at the location of the device. The tech will provide an initial inspection and give a price and time estimate for the repair. If the issue is severe or we need a lot of time, our tech can perform repairs in our service vans that have mobile workshops.

After the repair

Your device will be ready at the predetermined time. If your device is finished sooner, we will contact you immediately. If you dropped off your device and are having trouble making it back, we also offer delivery services. When you get your device, we insist that you use it as soon as you can. We like to make sure that devices are working properly and to our customers standards. If we came to you to do repairs, once the tech is finished working on your product, he will have you try it out and ensure all of the issues were solved. Once your device is in working shape,we may suggest some things in order to avoid future complications. This may include suggesting a good phone case, screen protector, or  harmful practices with the device. Finally, please enjoy your working device once again!

The follow-up

After using our services, we encourage you to contact and let us know how everything is working. We also encourage our customers to go on our social media sites and give us a review! If for some reason our services weren’t up to your standards, don’t be afraid to let us know! We take feedback very seriously and definitely make changes or improvements based on the information.



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